Matthew Eizenga

Keller Williams Realty Portland Central | Lic #: 201214653 | Licensed Real Estate Broker/Buyer Specialist with Portland Real Estate Group

No Matter What State You Live In, I Can Help!

You might not be aware that even though I am a professional realtor in the state of Oregon, I can help you no matter where in the country you reside. I have a complimentary referral program in place that will help you in your home search no matter where you live.

It can be really difficult finding the right buyer specialist through online searches and real estate magazine ads. Why not let me do the work for you? It won’t cost you a dime.

I have connections to amazing agents all across the United States. We are a network of professionals who want nothing more than to help you find the home you are looking for.  Whether you’re in Denver Colorado, Miami Florida or anywhere in between, I can connect you with the right person.

Start your home search right and let me help take the hassle out of the first steps of your home search. Contact me today!

Matthew Eizenga | Buyer Specialist
919 NE 19th Ave, Ste. 100, Portland, OR 97232
P: (503) 897-8006  E:


Author: Matthew Eizenga

Buyer Specialist Realtor with Keller Williams, Portland Real Estate Group. Living with his wife and son in Portland, OR.

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